National philatelic exhibition



Organization, Place, Date, Sponsorship, Rules and Regulations.


Article 1.

The 55th National Philatelic Exhibition – EXFILNA 2017 – Spanish Stamp Collecting Competition, will be held in Portugalete (Biscay) in 9-15 October 2017, organized by the Asociación Filatélica de Portugalete, with the sponsorship of Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de la Noble Villa de Portugalete, the Real Casa de la Moneda F.N.M.T. and the Federación Española de Sociedades Filatélicas (FESOFI).

EXFILNA 2017 is recognized by the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA).

The exhibition will take place in Zubi-Alde sport center, and in Santa Clara Cultural Center.

Under the supervision of the delegate of the Federación Española de Sociedades Filatélicas, the Asociación Filatélica de Portugalete establishes the Organizing Committee, who will be in charge of the organization, execution, and proper functioning of EXFILNA 2017.


Article 2.

The exhibition will be regulated, as well as in accordance with this particular Regulation, in accordance with the General Regulations of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) and by the General Regulations for Exhibitions of FESOFI. Besides, it will be supervised by the Delegate of FESOFI.





Article 3.

The exhibition has a competitive nature, of national scope, and any collector belonging to a society member of FESOFI, with the federative license of the current year, can take part in it. It is compulsory to present a copy of the license with the registration form. Each exhibitor can present a maximum of two collections by person, or three by family. The participants of the group K. Philatelic Literature are exempt of this condition.


Moreover, collector of the Fédération Française des Associations Philatéliques, the National Federation of Hungary Philatelists and Union of Bulgarian Philatelists can take part in EXFILNA 2017.


The Spanish collections can be presented in any of the official languages in Spain as well as in English, with the planning page in Spanish.

For the participants of other countries, the presentation sheet and the contents of the collection must be written in French or English.




Article 4.

In order to participate in EXFILNA 2017, the collection has to have achieved the recognition to take place in a National Exhibition. Those collections participating for the first time in a National Exhibition, or those ones that in previous exhibitions did not received the corresponding achievement, must send, attached to the registration form, a certificate signed by the territorial commissioner, or, by the president of the corresponding territorial federation, validating the quality of the collection. The collector must be the owner of the exposed material, it cannot have fake or manipulated stamps, or any other stamp not admitted by the FIP, as long as this circumstance is not expressly specified in the sheet where the stamps are exposed.


Article 5

The admitted collections will be arranged in the different classes:


Reserved for participants of Correo de España, Postal museum, stamp printers, members of the jury or collections invited by the Organizing Committee.


Reserved for collections awarded with three large gold medals in National Exhibitions, or a gold and large gold medals in FIP Exhibitions over the past ten years, they will compete only with collections of the same class. Only one medal by year will be considered. If there is less than three collections, this class will not have competitive nature.


Reserved for any other collection, it will be classified in the following groups and subgroups:



B.1 Before 1875 (pre UPU)

B.2 From 1875 to 1945

B.3 After 1945










K.1 Books, manuals and studies, edited after 1 January 2011

K.2 Catalogs, edited after 1 January  2011

K.3 Periodic publications and press articles, published after January 2015

GROUP L. POSTCARDS (Experimental Class)


For other collections (not philatelic). The collection has to be previously accepted by the Organizing Committee.



Registration, fees and assignment of Panels


Article 6.

The collectors who want to take part in EXFILNA 2017 must send the corresponding registration forms, one for each collection, through the territorial commissioner, before 15 May 2017.

Attached to the registration form, the collector must send:


1.       A photocopy of the presentation sheet of the collections.

2.       If the collection has been previously presented in a NATIONAL EXHIBITION, a report explaining any modification made after the last presentation, and, in that case, if that modification is in accordance with any suggestion made by the Committee of Experts. The absence of this report will mean that there is no modification since the last exhibition, and this report must be sent before 30 August through the corresponding commissioner.

3.        We recommend to send a digitized copy of the collection to be exposed before 30 August. The PDF of the collection will be given only to the Jury for a detailed examination before the beginning of the exhibition. It will not be given no any other person or institution without the authorization of the collector.


The participants of Group K. Philatelic Literature, must say the year of the publication and include photocopy of the front page.

The collections of CLASS IV must present an abstract explaining the contents, the structure of the exhibition and any space requirements. Moreover, the abstract must include pictures of the collection to be exposed.


Article 7.

The Admission Committee, named by the Organizing Committee, will decide the admission of the collections before 16 June 2017, sending the final decision to the collector. The final registration will be send to the collector before 1 July 2017.


Article 8.

The registration fee will cost 10 Euros for each panel of 16 sheets. If the collections uses only one panel, the fee will be of 20 Euros, to be paid after fifteen (15) days from the final notification of the registration. The participants of Group K. Philatelic Literature, will pay a fee of fifteen (15) Euros.

The collections of CLASS IV are exempt of any registration fee.


Article 9.

All collections awarded with at least Large Vermeil (National category) must be exposed with eight (8) panels, with the exception of those collections that recently obtained the award and wish to make use of the two year exemption allowed by the current regulation of FESOFI. If the collection has not achieved Large Vermeil, it could be exposed with one (1), three (3) or five (5) panels. The collections of MODERN PHILATELY will use only three (3) or five (5) panels. Those collections with one (1) and (3) panels can be exposed only during three years.





Article 10.

The Jury of EXFILNA 2017 will consist of members of the Jury board of FESOFI, named in accordance with the current regulations of FESOFI. The members of the Jury will choose, in their first meeting, a President, Vicepresident and Secretary. The last one will make the agreement of the Jury.


Article 11.

The criteria used by the Jury to qualify the collections will be those fixed by FIP and FESOFI. The awards will be regulated by the scale of national category. Those collections of 1 panel or in the group (OPEN PHILATELY), according to the regulations of FIP, will not receive any medal.

For Group L. (Postcards) the regulation for this type of collections, approve in November 2015 in Athens by FEPA, will be used.


Article 12.

The Jury is able to transfer one collection from one subgroup to another subgroup, notifying this resolution to the corresponding commissioner.


Article 13.

The Jury will take all decisions by majority, and the verdict will be unappealable. The President of the Jury will have casting vote in case of a tie.





Article 14.

In accordance with the marks given by the Jury, the following awards will be given:

·         Great Honor Award to the best Collection of Class II, Master.

·         Great Award of the Exhibition to the Collection with the highest score in Class III, Competition or voted by the Jury.

·         “Antonio Castellano” Award to the collection with the highest score in Class III, Group C, Thematic.

·         Special Awards given by the Jury of the Organizing Committee.

·         Medals and Diplomas, according to the score given by the Jury.

·         Diploma of attendance.


Article 15.

The marks will be published publicly after being established by the Jury.



Assembly, Dismantling and Return of the Collections


Article 16.

The admitted collections, transported by the respective commissioner, must be in possession of the Organizing Committee before 8 October 2017 (20:00). The Organizing Committee will say the day and hour for the assembly of those collections transported and assembled by the collector. For those collections sent by other means, it is recommended to use the Postal Express system. They must arrive earlier than 3 October 2017, with all costs paid, to one of the following addresses:

Asociación Filatélica de Portugalete                                            Gaizka Sola Bosque

Aptdo. Correos nº 57                                                                      C/ Los Caseríos, 15-1ºD

48920-Portugalete (Vizcaya)                                                          39700-Castro Urdiales (Cantabria)


Article 17.

The collections sheets must be sent in see-through plastic folders, resistant’s for a correct protection, and they must be numbered correlatively in one of the corners of the front. Those collections whose assembly is not common must be sent with a simplified scheme to make the proper exposition easier.


Article 18.

The collections of Group K, Philatelic Literature, must be sent duplicated before 1 October 2017. They will not be returned, being in possession of Asociación Filatélica de Portugalete and FESOFI, for their respective libraries. Only legal pieces and publications will be admitted.



Article 19.

The Organizing Committee will be in charge of the assembly and dismantling of the collections in the presence, where it corresponds, of the territorial commissioner or the collector that previously demands it. For security reasons, once EXFILNA 2017 has started, it will not be allowed to remove any piece of the exposed material, or to add new pieces. The Committee of Experts or the Jury is able to ask to the Exhibition Management to lift the sheets of the required collections, to examine it closely by the members. In this case the territorial commissioner of the Delegate of FESOFI must be present.

It will not be allowed to remove any collection before the exhibition closure and the time fixed by the Organization for the general dismantling of the exhibition.


Article 20.

The Organizing Committee of EXFILNA 2017 declines any responsibility for damage and/or loss, either total or partial, produced in the Exhibition or Organization headquarters, as well as in the transport of the collections, even though all required measures for a proper security and care of the exposed material will be taken. The insurance of the collections corresponds to the collectors.


Article 21.

All collections, except those of Literature, will be return to the sender in the same way they were received, with the CORRESPONDING SHIPPING FEES.



Final Dispositions

Article 22.

The Organizing Committee of EXFILNA 2017, in accordance with the Delegate of FESOFI, has the right to modify the present Regulation document. In that case the modifications will be send to all collectors.


Article 23.

Any incident not covered in this document will be handled by the Organizing Committee of EXFILNA 2017.


Article 24.

Any conflict that cannot be resolved amicably will be handled by the Court of Law of the Basque Country. The collectors resign to their regional code of laws.


Article 25.

Any collector, with their sign in the registration form, accepts the contents of this particular Regulation document.


Article 26.

The address of the Organizing Committee is the following:

Asociación Filatélica de Portugalete

Aptdo. Correos nº57

48920-Portugalete (Vizcaya)

Correo –e:


The address of the Delegate of FESOFI is the following:

José Antonio Arruego Sanz

Asalto nº 69-3º B